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i have an absolutely pristine '85 dodge daytona with 66k miles on it but getting a little tired of the 2.2 litre 4 cylinder pep! i know its quite possible to fit a stratus v-6 in with out too much hassle {relatively speaking}. question is do i appease my need for green light acceleration or keep the ride original?
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Last week, TV CNN news announced that gas prices will be $3 a gallon in 12 months.

Still others predict that gas will hit $7 a gallon in 18 months, based on the 'Oil Storm' scenario.

On the other hand, it would be alot more fun to buy aftermarket performance kits like superchargers and nitrous kits.
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One word:
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My 2 cents worth on this is nothing beats cubic inches.

When I was a kid putting together parts to build a muscle car the speed shop owner, Joel Rosen of Motion performance, told me "speed costs money, how fast ya wanna go"
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I was never a fan of too much power coming out of a front wheel drive car. Save your money for your next ride.
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if you are really considering putting that much money into an 85 chrysler the 2.2 or 2.5 turbo would be the way to go im sure you could get all the parts to convert from another chrysler built in the late 80's if you can find one such as computer and wiring harness you would want to rebuild the engine and probably have the turbo went through before installing.
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Originally Posted by jimmee
I was never a fan of too much power coming out of a front wheel drive car. Save your money for your next ride.
Which in my opinion is why a lot of car manufacturers are going back to rear wheel peel!!!! I love my Lexus IS300. I think I will stick with rear wheel; although wouldn't mind AWD for quicker launches at the lights.

With engines getting more powerful that HP needs to be on the rear or you would torque steer the hell outta yourself. I wouldn't want 400+ hp right by my feet.

I would say don't bother with the engine swap; although I am not a Dodge fan, or American car fan as a matter of fact.

Keep the 2.2, and buy a new dodge with comparable HP to the v-6 that you want. That's just my two cents
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Mopar Performance, at one time, offered a kit to convert the Daytona to a rear wheel drive, small block V8.

Look around. You might be able to find a Shelby model to be a donor for the engine, turbo, etc. There's turbo Chrysler mini vans turning 12 second quarter mile times, and some turbo 2.2 K-cars turning 10 second times. Sleepers? You bet.

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