99 Taurus noise problem


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99 Taurus noise problem

This is a continuing problem - I've been here with it before. It's a '99 Taurus wagon with a squealing/whining sound coming from the left front wheelwell area. Sounds something like an ambulance siren, kicks in and out around 25 mph. As the car slows, so does the sound. The brakes and tires are new so nothing there - my mechanic's scratching his head. Could it be something rotational or is it an airflow noise? Inquiring minds would like to know
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Bad bearing?... though that would give more of a howling or growling noise.
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Check your wheel well inner fender for missing anchors. 20 mph winds might be pushing the plastic fender liner into the tire tread or side wall.
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For anyone curious enough to read this thread, the problem turned out to be a lump of dirt trapped between the ABS sensor and the inner part of the wheel bearing. Dirt removed - noise gone!

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