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hi all and i hope you can help me .. i have a 92 corsica and i have replaced the thermostat (tested it first and it works) i also replaced the water pump and i am not getting any leaks or any odors yet my engine still over heats. any help would appreciated
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Do you have electric fans? Are they working. Have you checked/ replaced the radiator cap. Did you bleed the system. Has the radiator been out of the car? This is nothing to fool around with. Once you overheat you may cook the engine. Make sure you change the oil and trans fluid.
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well i am just about to crawl under and try to bleed the heater core, but my fan is working. also when i fill the coolant res. i still get a "low coolant" on my insrument panel. thanks for the input and any help is greatly appreciated.
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low coolant switch in coolant reservoir commonly sticks after refilling usually tapping on the tank near the location of the switch may jar it loose.
you should see a shop for checking out the cooling system if you continue to have a overheating problem, headgasket or head problems can cause overheating problems that a shop should be able to check.

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