2001 Saturn Sun Roof


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Angry 2001 Saturn Sun Roof

Sun roof on my 2001 saturn won't open. All it does is make a clicking noise. It will move if I help it along, but freezes up as soon as I stop helping it. Any suggestions?
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Those sunroofs are a real pain. I havent personally gotten in to one (Thank Goodness) but I have watched others do them and they arent any picnic. Unless you have a good manual and lots of patience I wouldnt suggest messing with it. You problaby have a track issue. They usually have small plastic pieces that break and jam up. Most times they can be rebuilt with no other problems. it just depends on how much they were messed with when they started going out. I strongly recommend taking it to the dealer for this as they have the knowledge and the experience to complete this repair with a lot less hair pulling than the average joe. Plus the work will be quaranteed.
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