Water and oil mixing in my car


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Unhappy Water and oil mixing in my car

Hello everyone! I have a 1994 Geo Tracker, and yesterday as I was checking the oil I found out that the water was mixing with the oil, there was a white layer on the oil cap, a friend of mine suggested to put a sealer on the radiator to temporarily fix the problem, but he told me my car won't last much, is this true? do I have to buy a new engine for my car? or it is fixable?? answers will be appreciated, thanks a lot!! and have a nice weekend.
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Sometimes moisture collects on the surface of the caps, check the dipstick if the oil is milky.
Don't drive the car your not going to get very far.

Maybe just a head gasket if you did not drive the car to far with water in the oil.
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GWIZ is right - condensation inside the cap is normal. Unless you're losing/adding coolant and/or overheating, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions just yet.
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Ale, what kind of driving do you do?.... short trips in a small town or lots of highway driving? A white layer could be normal for short trips. Any history of overheating? As GWIZ mentioned, check the dipstick.... this would be more telling of a problem.
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And don't bother with the sealer. If it is a head gasket it is fixable, but you'll be into a few dollars for the repair. Hopefully you haven't had any signs of overheating?
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Red face

Luckily mi car didn't overheat, so maybe I stopped driving it at a good time, we put the sealer already yesterday morning and will now if it fix the problem while I take the car to the mechanic.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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