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Unhappy fix or replace?

I'v been tinkering with my wildcat"1970".not getting fuel to carb. soooo... i pulled the fuel filter to check for obstructions or clogging and the threads disintgrated in to powder the port is not completly smooth but darn close.can i seal this up and put an "in line" fuel filter in it's place? am i screwed? new carb.what should i expect to pay roughly?
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If the ruined threads are actually inside of a larger brass fitting (look for second tier backer nut), there are repair kits (fittings etc) for this repair at auto supply stores. Look for a good counter man that knows what these kits are, otherwise you will be told they don't carry them.

If there is no second backer nut, then there won't be a kit.

I have used exoxy thread repair kits successfully, but not on closed or blind end fittings on carbs. Just something to think about however.
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Question thank you

thank you for responding. one other issue i'm having is ...the lines to the fuel pump. i pulled them loose to see if gas would flow freely from the tank to the pump by gravity alone to see if there is an obstruction in the fuel line at the tank....lovely brown liq. then...nothing. can i blow that line with back pressure from a compressor to clear back in to the tank then clean tank.

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I would not blow compressed air into the tank. You could damage the float. Better to disconnect the lines from the tank for clearing them.
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Sounds to me like you answered your first question with your second one. It sounds to me like you have a clogged fuel tank and lines. You most likely have long time buildup, most likely from sitting, of old dead gas. That stuff turns to varnish (the brown ick you saw come out of the line) when it sits too long. My suggestion to you is to pull the fuel tank out and dump it out. Look inside and see if its all rusted up. If so look into getting a new one. I wouldnt suggest trying someone elses old junk. The new reproduction tanks are easier to find. Once you get this far, removed the line from the fuel pump at the engine and blow air through that. You may want to spray some brake clean or something like that in there to help loosen up and rust inside the lines. Then install a good inline filter between the tank and the fuel pump and I have even gone so far as to install another inline filter between the pump and the carb. Once you get the lines all cleaned out you will be able to get fuel to your carb, providing the junk from the tank hasnt stopped up your pump. Just remove the line right next to the carb and spin it over till you start getting gas out.
Good Luck.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Billy's right. You need to start taking things apart and fixing them properly. If you start fixing things using shortcuts, you'll always be laboring with this car.

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