88' chev. 2.5 fi (electric problem) I think


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88' chev. 2.5 fi (electric problem) I think

This engine has tbi with single injector and the engine runs as long as someone is spraying gas down tbi with a plastic bottle with a hole in it. There is gas pressure right at tbi and sometimes the injector sprays on it's own and then again it won't spray.There is a red and blue wire on the injector and the red one has 12v with ignition key on without cranking engine. When engine is running on its own ,with no help from the bottle the blue wire on injector has 12 plus volts and will idle for a couple minutes and when engine dies the blue 12v drops to 6v. I believe the blue wire is from computer .......so there i'm lost and could use some advice .thanks.
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you need to check injector pulse using a noid light when the vehicle is acting up if you have injector pulse and between 9-13 psi fuel pressure then the injector is bad.
the blue wire does go to the computer which pulses the injector by grounding it momentarily you will obviously have some voltage at the blue wire when the injector connector is connected this doesnt really tell you anything.
you might also locate the ecm under the dash and lightly tap on it when the car is running ok to see if engine dies or runs any differently could indicate a bad ecm.
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Usually, one wire to the injector will be from a fuse for 12 volts and the ecm will pulse the other wire with ground to fire the injector. If you are losing the 12 volts, I would check the fuse and wiring to the injector. If you are losing the ground, I would suspect the ecm or also the wiring. If you have both, and fuel pressure, you have a bad injector.

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