Lubrication on 1993 Plymouth Grand voyager


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Lubrication on 1993 Plymouth Grand voyager

I recently bought this vehicle from a relative. I change my own oil and saw there are 2 grease zerts on each side on the front end. I try to change oil every 3000 miles.

My questions is how often does the above need to be greased?

Having trouble getting grease in them due to location.

When you take a vehicle in to have oil changed and Lubed how likely is it that the Lubrication actually gets done?

Thanks for any advice.

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Being a Chrysler product, I'm assuming you mean 1 on each side, lower ball joints. As long as the rubber boots for the ball joints are nicely bulging, without any grease being forced out, they should be ok.. If they're kinda flat, then they should be greased. Either take the tire off and grease it, or get a tip for your grease gun that allows grease out the side, versus out the end of the tip..As you just got this van, I'd pay a couple bucks, and buy the extra tip...
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Hello. You asked how often these fittings are actually greased. I know that whenever I do an oil change on a vehicle I grab my grease gun, and shoot away. Of course I work on Toyotas, and their drive shafts ( no ball joint fittings ) are covered with them; although the new Tacomas and Tundras have cut the number of fittings by half which is nice. I would say that they should be atleast inspected for grease if not filled every 3,500 miles. Hope this helps.

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