G-TECH Pro RR Car Tuner.


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Bubba Bob
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G-TECH Pro RR Car Tuner.

Im drooling over this Gtech Pro RR , car tuner. Ive read mixed reviews on the internet about it, so im not sure if it's worth the $300.

Anyone have one of these?
Can you give me a review of it?

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Bubba Bob
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Also, If i do get this, ill need the weight of my car. Would something like a Cat Scale at a truck stop be sensetive enough for a passenger car? How much would they charge?
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I don't have one, but some of my friends have older models, which may help (?)
They use them for testing drag racing mods
The G-Techs are apparently not too bad at the 1/4 mile info, hp, etc...
And they are accurate unto themselves
What I mean is, if it's low by .5 sec and you read 14.5 (actual = 15)
After your mod you read 13.5 (actual = 14)
Your mod probably did shave 1 second off your 1/4 mile time

The road/autoXers I know consider them a sometimes useful, entry level data accuisition tool used to double check or compare data
If it's the only one they use it's for budget reasons, mostly they use a more sophisticated (and expensive) system

As G-tech comes out with new models, the older ones are usually sold pretty cheap, so a drag racer can pick one up cheap for testing in between trips to the dyno or track
How many dyno runs or track runs at 60 bucks a pop is the G-tech worth?
Well, a time slip or dyno sheet can give you bragging rights, solid data, or the win
The G-tech cannot
But a cheap one can help in between runs

I guess you need to know why you want one and what you expect out of it
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