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My Wife Came Home And Told Me The A/c Was'nt Working
Went Outside To Check It Myself And Sure Enough She Was Right
Checked To See If Compressor Was Turning On And It Was
I Added Some R134a To The System And It Started To Get Cool
Added The Required Amount And System Started To Get Cold
It Gets Down To About 40.
But What Happen To The 134 That Was In The System This All Happened About 1 Month Ago And Still Running At 40 Degrees.
I Did Notice When I First Checked That There Was Something Green
All Around The Engine Comparment. By The Way It's A 2002 Chevy Venture 3.4l
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The system is leaking refrigerant. The green stuff you noticed could very well be the UV dye that is sometimes put in the system to help look for leaks. From where does the green fluid seem to originate? You - or your mechanic - will need to find the leak and fix it or you'll have the same problem over and over again.

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