A/c problem on a 95 Toyota Tacoma


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A/c problem on a 95 Toyota Tacoma

Original compressor on my Tacoma locked up and had to replace it.
Bought a remanufactured compressor, new dryer and expansion valve. Had a mechanic install, flush system and re-charge system about a month and a half ago. Put quite a bit of money into this.
The a/c has worked like a Swiss watch up until about two weeks ago. It still cools but not to the degree that it did and I'm hearing a high pitch squeal coming from the compressor when it is engaged. It started doing this just a little at first but now it's all the time.
I have an a/c switch on the controls inside the truck that can turn the compressor on /off while the blower will continue to run. This stops the squealing when I press the switch.
My worst fear is that I've spent all of this money to repair this system and I was sold a piece of junk compressor.
Am I right? Is this compressor about to lock up?
I've checked the belt and it doesn't feel loose. Don't have gauges to check freon.
Any advise would be helpful.

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When compressor got bad on two of my cars, my mechanic told me not to use a remanufactured one. He said I would regret it. So I put new ones in. FYI.
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First, to state the obvious, I hope the mechanic didn't forget to charge the proper amount of lubricant in the system.

Have you tried turning the compressor by hand? This'll give you a feel of whether the compressor is starting to seize or of you have another problem such as a bad a/c clutch.

Like puter said, it's not unusual to see a difference in quality between remanufactured and new compressors. I hope there is some kind of warranty for your compressor.
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well hopefully it is a new compressor. I got burned on some ac work. Shop used a junkyard compressor and didnt put in any oil. could be the clutch, take off the belt and see if it rotates smoothly.
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I don't think you need to remove the belt. Just grab the part that is outside the pulley.
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I would pull the belt and grab the compressor pulley and turn it by hand feeling for any roughness or side to side play if everything feels good I would hand turn every other pulley and idler sometimes a bad waterpump or alternator etc will only squeal when the load of the compressor running is added to the belt. You probably have a bad compressor but it is always worth a check you might just luck out on this one!

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