Butyl Clean-up


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Butyl Clean-up

I know this sound like it should be in "Cleaning and Stain Removal"
But I really though this would be the best place to post this

How the heck to you clean up this old butyl tape?
I removed a roof to weld it to another vehicle
Of course the windshield had to come out, and it was held in with butyl tape (about 20 years old)
Now everything that touches the old tape becomes infected with it
I feel like I'm in an old horror movie

I have to get it off the roof of course, but I got a good glob on my shirt, which then transfered it to my seatbelt, and that transfers it to my clean shirt
And of course there are now blobs of it in my van
My world is rapidly becoming a thick sticky tar-like one

Any tips would be appreciated
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Goo-be-gone? Ask for some goo remover at walmart or something, try finger nail polish remover. Rubbing alochol?

Try different things, something should take care of it. Wipe as much off with a paper towl as you can.

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