1986 F150 Power locks


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1986 F150 Power locks

Recently my p***enger side power lock stopped working, I can still turn it with a key. Today I took the door panel off and felt around. The motor that actuates the lock came out easily enough. I unplugged the wiring harness and then hooked up the voltage and the thing worked mostly. However when I tried to put the motor back in it doesn't seem to want to stay in. It has a bracket that is mounted on the door, the motor has to pins, one one either side, that slip into the bracket. The motor works now since I left the wiring in place, I can here it working. It simply falls out of place. The upper portion where it is supposed to connect is just a piece of steel that has a 90 degree bend.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem and reinstall it. Or could that have been the problem from the start.

By the way the drivers side works fine.

Also Does anybody know of a place where I can get some new switches for the door panels, short of going to a dealer.

Many Thanks in Advance,
R. Ellis
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There should be a little plastic retainer clip where the 90 degree bend hooks in. This clip was a problem. They updated it with a stronger material.

Check the wrecker for door switches, although the truck is getting on in years. Failing that, try ebay or other online services.

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