am radio problem


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am radio problem

my son and i both have problems with our am car radios .their both 98 fords.he was told it would make a difference if he had it tuned made absolutely no difference in the am radio,explorer runs great ,but radio ,same.i have same problem .is something else causeing this radio problem? any input appreciated.
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Describe the radio problem.

Is it static, or ignition clicking?
Does it get worst at higher rpm's?
Have you installed an antenna yourself?
Was the noise always there?
When did it start?

I have read of a TSB for a radio noise (vehicle unknown, maybe Ford) due to a poor ground on the fuel pump.
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AM radio problem

Had similar problem with '89 Ranger. AM radio had lots of static, FM side was fine. The static would increase on left turns and acceleration, and disappear on right turns and braking. This was not ignition noise. The problem was not in the radio itself, as the same noise would appear on a portable radio.
The noise would come in waves, and sound like the sloshing of liquid. I had long suspected the fuel tank/pump, but sold the truck before doing anything about it.

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