1994 Safari Brake light problem


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1994 Safari Brake light problem

The Lower brake lights on my van are not working. The upper one works all the time, so does the turn signals hazards, and tail lights. They just quit working. The same fuse runs all of the above. Does anyone have any secrets that I do not know about? Is there a inline fuse somewhere?

Thanks Adam
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check the turn signal switch to see if power is going in and out of the switch when the brakes are applied a wiring diagram will help you determine which wires to test at the base of the steering column your symptoms usually indicate a bad switch but it should be tested first.
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The brake light signal is not making through the turn signal switch. Try working your hazard switch in and out a few times and see if that fixes it. Check the white wire at the turn signal switch connector mounted under the dash on the steering column, it is a flat connector with about12 wires. Press on the brake pedal and with a test light see if the light comes on. If it comes on it is T/S replacement time.
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Tried the hazards and nothing happened they came on. Is the turn signal a common problem in these vans?
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Seems to me this is often a broken wire above the brake pedal. The lights run on different circuits so only one is effected. Can't tell you the colour off the top of my head but trace them from the switch. Take each end in and pull a little to see where the sheath gives. Often they break inside the sheath and can't be seen.

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I found the problem today. It was the white wire in the harness broke about 3/16 of a inch from the connector. Spliced them together and the lights work great.

Thanks All

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