Windsheild washer fluid not working


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Windsheild washer fluid not working

Hyundai Elantra

I have windsheild washer fluid in the resovoir. I don't have a fuse blown in the fuse panel and my do wipers work. When I try to spritz some on the windows only the wipers come on for a couple sweeps.

I looked in each of the four holes that squirt the liquid out on top of the hood and they appear to be clear.

I am sure there is a pump to send the fluid from the bottle to the resovoir.
How whould I go about debuggin this. Is this pump usually next to the resovoir? This car sits outside and I noticed some type of flowerbuds congregated on top the transmission castings, so something may be hiding in there and who knows what he chewed on. The car is leaking nothing.
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The pump is usually mounted right to the reservoir, sometimes on the side and sometimes on the bottom. Easiest way to track it down is to trace the hoses back from the window nozzles. Have someone push the button for the washer while you listen under the hood. You should be able to clearly hear the pump running when the button is pushed. If not, either the pump is bad or their is no power to the pump; pretty easy to check both possibilities once you locate the pump.

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