Rear view mirror fell off

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Question Rear view mirror fell off

The rear view mirror on my wife's old Berreta fell off, after being parked in the really hot sun all day.
Is there special glue to reattach the base plate, or will any super glue work?
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Most all auto parts stores sell a special glue for reattaching mirrors. I'd go with it.
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Make sure you follow the directions religiously for the best results. Super Glue will work, but the special stuff works best and is not expensive.
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Thanks for the info, one question I forgot to ask is, do you guys have any tips on removing the old glue from the windshield?
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Try Acetone (nail polish remover) Have plenty pf ventelation.
Right from the WEB:
How to Remove Super Glue
Superglue (cyanoacrylate) has many uses. Besides the typical household function of sticking things together, it's used in surgical procedures and even in crime labs to develop unseen fingerprints. Originally marketed as Eastman #910 in 1958, this stuff is sneaky and it goes everywhere if you don't keep an eye on it.

1. Clean up any glue that is still wet by blotting it with a white paper towel or terry cloth towel.

2. Soak the object in warm soapy water if possible and try rubbing off as much as you can.

3. Pour a little bit of acetone-base nail polish remover on a white terry cloth.

4. Dab at the dried glue until it dissolves.

5. Use extra fine sandpaper to remove dried glue from the surface of an object.

6. Try a product called Goof-Off or Z-7 Debonder.

Hold a folded white cloth on the back of fabrics to keep the acetone from soaking through other layers.

Acetone may affect colors or melt plastic fibers, such as some nylons or carpet. Test it on a hidden area first.

Don't use solvents such as gasoline or paint thinner.

Tips from eHow Users:
Remove super glue from skin by claudia
Rub on hand cream, then wash the spot with warm water. It may take a few washings before the glue comes off.

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Removing superglue from skin by Melissa
I got super glue on my finger, I rubbed body lotion on the area, rinsed it under warm water, and used the green scrub on the other side of a sponge. It worked like a charm!!

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Originally Posted by diyrich
Thanks for the info, one question I forgot to ask is, do you guys have any tips on removing the old glue from the windshield?
Razor blade.

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