Road Tar Problem


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Road Tar Problem

The other day as I parked in a local parking lot, when temperatures were above 95 degrees, the crack sealing tar adheared to my rear tires and pulled off of the parking lot as I pulled away. So now I have about a 1 inch layer of tar stuck to my tires causing my vehicle rumble terribly. My question: how do I remove the tar from my tires? I have tried to pick and pull it out of my tread, but it is stuck fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Perhaps working along edge of tar with tar remover and putty knife you can work the tar off tires. Tar remover will need time to soften tar.
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Last Thursday we had a car come in for the same problem. After 3 hours of picking and digging, we were able to save 2 tires. The other 2 had to be replaced. Plan on spending a good part of the day trying to remove the tar, it sucks.

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