RAV4 trouble codes


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RAV4 trouble codes

The check engine light came on this week on my 99 RAV4, which has 65K miles on it. I went to AutoZone and borrowed their Actron CP9136L Code Scanner and downloaded the trouble codes. The scanner said there are 2 codes. But they came up the same-P1133. According to the scanner, it referred to "fuel air metering". AutoZone gave the following: HO2S INSUFFICIENT SWITCHING SENSOR 1 / BANK 1 FUEL CONTROL SHIFTED LEAN (FAOSC).

The vehicle sometimes idles low on startup. Also the oil light seems to take forever(3-4 seconds) to go off. Can anyone help with interpreting the scan results and how to make the necessary repair(s)?

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A/F sensor NG.

Make sure you use a OEM Toyota oil filter.

Idle air control valve needs to be cleaned.
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Thanks for the reply.

Checked the price of an A/F sensor. It's not cheap.

The Check Engine light has since gone off by itself after being on for 3 days. It has been off for 4 days now. Could there be other causes for the P1133 code?

How do you go about cleaning the idle air control valve?

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