93 probe won't start


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93 probe won't start

it quit running over a year ago. I eventually got around to fixing it and diagnosed a bad ignition control module (which is part of distributor assembly and very $$-about $500 from Ford) I ended up buying one from advance, installed it and it worked. I never used it much but then it started acting funny. Would start but then stall sometimes. I thought maybe a fuel probelm. There was a lot of water in the L rear of car at the fuel inertia switch. I fixed the drain and put in a new switch but the problems persist. The car started one day and ran fine. I used it that day and it started everytime. I went out a few days later and it wouldn't start. I pulled the wires and there is no spark. I started all tests on distributor again and seems fine (crank sensor, cam sensor, coil-all of these are in distributor) So could be ignition control module again or maybe computer? Any suggestion? I posted previously on automotiveforums.com regarding a cheap fix for the ICM using a GM module that I guess is wired in system, but did not get any leads on where to find info.

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No spark and crank sensor, cam sensor, coil test good
I would suspect the TFI (ignition) module
It wouldn't hurt to pull the codes and see if the EEC-IV computer detects anything in the self-test, or has any other codes stored
You may also want to confirm it's getting fuel just to be sure
I'm pretty sure there's a schrader valve on the fuel rail to hook up a fuel pressure gauge

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