Trunk leak


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Trunk leak

My father signed paperwork to purchase a 2000 Camry from a local Toyota dealer. He noticed that there was some water in each of the wheel wells in the trunk. The dealer said they were aware of it and planned to replace the seal around the trunk.

Now my father is 2nd guessing the car because of the leak. He's afraid the water leak could be more of a problem. Anybody experience this before? Would you purchase the car or keep looking? Thanks for your opinions.
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I thought all Camry/Corolla's leaked into that space behind the rear wheels in the trunk
I'm not trying to be funny, it's just that all the ones I or my family have owned have
It's usually not too bad, really only after a wicked dtorm or week of rain
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Not common to have water in trunk, I would suspect collision damage
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Occasionally the weatherstrip can get torn or realigned causing water leakage. My wifes 2003 sable started to leak just before the warranty ran out. The dealer didn't replace but rather adjusted the weatherstripping. Took them several tries but it hasn't leaked in 6 months.
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Get a car fax

Get a car fax to make sure the car was not involved in a crash.I tell people this over and over.Do it before you sign anything.If it comes back clean inspect trunk for rust if thats good have them replace seal.
I would buy it if it met the above criteria.My Corolla does not leak water into the trunk and it is also a 2000.
Get a carfax do yourself a favor.
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Good advice about the carfax.

Cannot remember the last time I seen a trunk weatherstrip on a Toyota leak.

Either collision or rear window leak.
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water woes

I had a 1991 toyota corrolla for 11 years. About 6 years after I purchased it(new) The trunk filled with water. I cleaned it out and never did any repairs/adjustments it never filled or got any more water in after that. I often checked after storms but it was always dry. I really don't know why it happened, Its was always parked in the same place as the time that it fill up with water.
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Thanks for the advice. The Toyota dealer said the leak was due to a "vent" in the trunk. Any idea what that means??
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Your leak was due to the tail light seal, very common on that year.


The vent is to relieve pressure when you close the trunk or doors, will not cause a water leak. If broken will cause exhaust fumes to enter. It is on the drivers side and couldn't cause water on the pass side.
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I'm with marksr on this one. My 2003 Corolla had a wet trunk, and it turned out the weatherstripping around the trunk had come loose by the hinge.

If you overstuff your trunk so that the elbow on the hinge is stressed, that can make it come loose -- at least that's what I think caused MY problem.

The dealer replaced the weatherstripping under warranty and now it's fine.

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