a/c compressor makes a grinding noise


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a/c compressor makes a grinding noise

'93 Ford Probe SE (4cycl) auto transmission.

The a/c compressor makes a grinding noise when it is running. It still blows cold though. I was told it was bad and needed to replace it before it dies and sends contaminants into my engine destroying my engine. Is this true?

I also want to change the compressor out myself. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Or can you tell me what books/ videos to get to guide me through this? I've done a lot of other maintenance already like changing the water pump and alternator out already.
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First, verify that it's the compressor. It may also be a bad a/c clutch, which isn't as serious, and could be replaced relatively cheaply by any competent a/c shop with specialized tools for this task.

Changing the compressor is nuts and bolts, but the job doesn't stop there. At a minimum, you'll have to replace the lost lubricant, vacuum, and recharge refrigerant to proper level using an a/c manifold gauge set and vent temperatures. If the compressor WAS grinding, then you'll have to flush the system before all this to get rid of debris that would ruin your new compressor.

Are you converting from r12?... Then you have another layer of work that needs to be done.

One weakness of Ford Co a/c systems is the spring-lock couplings. They have a tendency to corrode at the joints and it makes good sense to take them apart and perform this work any time it is apart after a long time, such as 12 years for your vehicle. Otherwise you may possibly be repairing the a/c system AGAIN in the near future, and the labor overlap is just too great to overlook this task.

One tool you absolutely must have to do a/c work is a vacuum pump. Many DIYers get by using an old compressor from a discarded refrigerator or dehumidifier.

I've only given you some information that you need to know. You can get good help from the following sites:

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AC noise

I also had noise when I turned on the AC in my Nissan. I dropped the blower mower (on my vehicle, 3 screws under the glove compartment) and cleaned out a big mouse nest. -- No more noise! It's worth a try.
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the a/c system will not contaminate your engine or cause engine failure worse case would be the compressor would lockup probably destroying the drive belt in the process, if the same belt drives the waterpump it could cause the engine to overheat, but I dont think the waterpump is driven by the a/c belt on this model.
on repairing the a/c you would want to have it evacuated and replace drier and orfice tube along with the compressor at minimum and may need to have system flushed a/c equipment can be expensive suggest you let a shop perform the evacuation of your refrigerant and then after repairs are made have a shop vacum the system and fill system.
a subscription to all data would give you repair information and would be more usefull for other repairs that the vehicle may need in the future versus a service manual which just covers certain components or systems on the vehicle.
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