Clunk Noise Around Front Left Engine and A/C Compressor


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Clunk Noise Around Front Left Engine and A/C Compressor

1990 Honda Accord 4 doors LX Automatic Transmission, 156,500 miles. Heard continuous loud clunk noise (like something was dropped) coming from some where around front left (driver side) engine and A/C compressor where there are some belts. It was happened at the parking lot and car was just started with A/C is on and last about 1-2 minutes about 2-3 weeks ago. It happened again this morning, but had only a couple loud clunk noise when I just first started my car and turn on my A/C right after started. I turned off engine and checked. All visible belts (A/C compressor belt and another one near this belt which I don't know what belt it is, motor drive belt?) look ok with tension. Then, I re-started engine and everything was ok. The car runs ok with no any suspicious problems or noise. What problem would this be? Do I have to worry about it? Thanks in advance for all your replies and help!
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Could just the some a/c seals passing thru the compressor. Pay attention to your a/c cooling in the next few days to see if it stops cooling from refrigerant leak.

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