97 Dodge Intrepid won't start


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Unhappy 97 Dodge Intrepid won't start

My 97 Intrepid ES 3.5 has 117K......I've had it for about 6 mo..the only problem I've had was getting a new battery for it.....now my problem....
Today I went to the bank shut it off, went to start it and it wouldn't. It sounds like it will start but it just doesn't. Cranks over just wont fire. So my hubby had to tow me home. Thank God we don't live far.
My husband tried starting it several times...couldn't smell any gas. He checked the relays they are fine. So he's thinking the fuel pump..I hope not $$$....But if its that could someone please tell me if he can get to the fuel pump through the backseat or does he have to take the tank out....If anyone has any ideas please feel free to throw them my way.. Thanks so much, Steph......(at least I can walk to my jobs til it gets fixed) Thanks again
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Fuel pump is mounted in the gas tank. Big job for most folks, but a diy job for a handy guy on a budget.

Listen for the pump sound as you turn the key on. If no sound near gas cap, then pump is bad. They most often give out at the gas station, just after you fill up.
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It was the fuel pump....Runs great now thanks, StephX

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