Engine mount/ grand am


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Engine mount/ grand am

2002 Grand am 3.4L, automatic transmission,48K If front engine mount is bad,what would you expect to hear and feel while driving. Also, would it affect the transmission performance? Thanks
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Most (not always) of the time, when a mount goes bad, you'll feel it most when shifting gears, such as park to reverse, or reverse to drive. You can also feel a bad one, under sudden heavy acceleration...Most of the time, while cruising, there is less stress, and not so noticable...But it's also possible to have a bad mount put the axles in a bind, effecting the way it drives and pulls off..
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Would there be a vibration in steering,pedals, and floor?
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vibration in the steering, pedals and floor could just be a tire not balanced, or a car in need of alignment.

try reving up the engine with the car in park and see if there is any unusual movement.
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Update:engine Mount/grand Am3.4l

When in drive and holding one foot on the brake pedal,the engine does lift approx. 3-4 inches when pushing on the gas pedal. Also, there is a growling noise when driving. Which seems to get worse as I speed up ( I keep it between 60-65 mph on the hwy.) The noise starts as soon as it is placed in reverse, and in drive. In the last week I have had the intake manifold casket replaced, fuel filter, spark plugs, new cooling fan motor,and the tires rotated.

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