Front End Problem


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Front End Problem

I drive a 1994 Dodge Intrepid, Automatic, Front Wheel Drive, 6 Cylinder. When I am driving and turning the wheel slightly to the left on a curve in the road, ther is a thumping noise in my right front wheel. It only occurs at a certain spot when the wheel is turned to the left. If I turn it more or less, it stops. It is also something that I can feel slightly when applying the brakes. Any ideas???

Thank You Much.
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If your car has cv joints I would look into them first, check the boots for cracks. Most front end shops will do this free.
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Front End Problems

Thank You. What are CV Joints and how would I know if my car has them? Would it be in the manual?
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Your car is front wheel drive, so it does have CV joints.

A Constant Velocity (CV) joint is basically a drive axle that comes out of the differential and runs to each front wheel.

They are kinda like a Universal Joint (U-Joint) on a driveshaft in a rear wheel drive car.

The car is 11 years old and I wouldn't be surprised to find that the CV joints are worn. When they get worn--they make a clicking or thumping sound. This is most noticable when you turn the steering wheel because thats when the CV joint has to do the most work. It has to work hard to continue providing power to the front wheels AND pull the car.

There is a rubber boot that goes on the CV joint. It keeps the grease inside the joint and it keeps water, sand, and debris OUT of the CV joint. A torn boot can let all the grease run out. Also, a torn boot can let water/dirt in. If you can actually hear the CV joints making noise--then replacing a torn boot and re-greasing the CV joint will most likely not cure the problem.

Had you been doing regular inspections under the car and found a torn boot--it would have been a simple matter to have it replaced for under $50.

Factory replacement CV joints are expensive. I'd guess around a couple hundred bucks apiece +installation costs. Discount auto parts stores are cheaper--but you get what you pay for in this instance.

Good luck.
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Thank You

I really appreciate your response and your ability to say it in such a way that a non-mechanical person would understand. My car is in the shop being checked, I will let you know how I make out. Again, Thank You.

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