Jeep AC repairs


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Unhappy Jeep AC repairs

I recently spent $600 for repairs to my 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The shop replaced the "dryer-evaporator". A dye was added to check for leaks with in 5-10 days. I returned to the I am told that I need a new condenser at $800. The mechanic said he found a leak and showed me a extremely small "wet" spot right below the radiator (which by the way, may be leaking anitfreeze...that's my opinion). My question is: Am I getting ripped off? From what I understand both of these components are major parts to the AC system. Does it make sense that both were/are faulty? Why couldn't the mechanic foresee this condenser need the first time around when the dryer was replaced?
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I got 1990 Honda Accord and got A/C (R12) checked by mechanic with quote to replace drier/receiver, expension valve, and compressor for $850 due to some leaking in compressor and some plugged in expension valve. I thought it isn't worth to spend this much for 15 years old car. I went ahead to re-charge R134a (since there isn't any R12 left in the system and the entire system was said need to be replaced) and put a can of dye in the system. Up until now (almost two months), my A/C is running just like it was before and not seeing any color stain comes out from all above mentioned units. I thought I may not get the good mechanic in the first place. Since you already seen the leaking place, you may repair yourself and it will save you a few hundred dollars.
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It does sound a little strange to me.. The evaporator is a low pressure component, and hidden from site. The condensor is a high pressure component, and pretty much in plain view.. Did the shop show you the old evaporator once it was removed? I make sure I sure all customers the removed parts, especially ones as expensive as an evap core..Once they see the oil/ dye mixture on the evap, they're satisfied I've diagnosed th eproblem correctly. My experience is when a condensor has a leak, it take only a VERY short time to lose the freon, and most times, can be detected while doing the A/C service.. (Evap may have approximately 25-50 psi while the condensor may have 200-250 psi, both depending on outside temp, and freon charge..) Therefore it's usually a LOT easier to find a leaky condensor than a leaky evaporator.. Did you get ripped off? I honestly can't answer..Did a rock hit the condensor, or some other foreign object, or has the hole been there a while.. No answer... I guess it depends on how well you trust the shop you use, and how reputable they are...If they added dye, as you said, they should be able to show you the dye at the wet spot..Simply seeing wet wouldn't satisfy me...
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i am wondering, was the 600 just for the drier. and after they replaced that did they properly evacuate the system. If they did not it can cause excessive high side pressures and make the possibility of a leak even higher.
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I may have missed something or misunderstood, but when I read the post, I assumed dryer-evaporator meant dryer bottle, and eveporator core..Which would make sense to be $600.00.. But if it's $600.00 for reciever/dryer (dryer bottle) then $600.00 is way too much!

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