96 Escort Checkengine Update, + rear springs


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Thumbs up 96 Escort Checkengine Update, + rear springs

I was unable to find my original post.

After replacing the hose from the canister purge valve to the canister and backflushing the purge valve and purge sensor about a month ago, the lite went out and did not return. I passed NYS inspection Tuesday. Apparently, the inspection detects if the lite was reset recently by a scanner or by disconnecting the battery, so it was a good thing to let the PCM reset the lite.

The inspector found a broken rear spring, which I can replace and do not need a reinspection. Apparently this happens about every 50-60K miles on 2nd generation Escorts. I did not opt for improved aftermarket springs, since I probably will replace the vehicle before 169K miles (current = 114K). I ordered std. springs from NAPA for a 96 Escort wagon, which are different from other models of that year. The price was listed on napaonline.com and is $4 less than other non-Ford listings I checked. The store price is exactly as listed online, which I have not found with some other parts stores.
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Originally Posted by CybersaurusREXX
Apparently this happens about every 50-60K miles on 2nd generation Escorts.
Yes, especially the wagons, as they do get used to haul stuff
I prefer NAPA myself, if at all possible I buy from them
Especially on things like brake and suspension parts
They can even get me my North American-made rotors

Congrats on fixing the problem and passing your test!

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