2004 Legancy Subaru and Brakes


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2004 Legancy Subaru and Brakes

I have a 2004 Legacy Subaru Sedan with 25,00 miles. I was told by a local repair store that I had to replace the rotors and the brakes every time I replace the brakes. Does this sound correct?

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I think the person you spoke with is mistaken. Sometimes rotors need to be replaced regardless of how good the brake assembly and pads are. The most common problem with otherwise good rotors is that they may become warped.

Aside from this, if you change your brake pads at the proper time and keep the brake system maintained, the rotors should perform well for quite sometime.

It might be useful to either read up on your vehicles brake system, or talk to a different mechanic.

Best wishes.
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Although I can't speak to that particular vehicle, your local repair store may very well be correct. I'd ask the dealer, check alldata.com, or possibly a parts store that has access to rotor specs. Many cars are equipped with brake pads that are harder than the rotors they contact, hence the rotors are considered throw-aways. Most European cars have been that way for years.

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