1990 buick regal stalls


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1990 buick regal stalls

Well this is the problem about three weeks ago my car(1990)Buick Custom Regal 3.8 started stalling out,changed the air filter,in the meantime a friend of mine hit a gas line and needless to say that had to be fixed.Fixed that problem,replaced the fuel pump,still stalling,replaced the oxygen sensor,still stalling,cleaned the throttle body with cleaner,still stalling, Finally a man from autozone checks it out says it's the engine control modulor,replaced that,guess what?still stalling...Does anyone think that replacing the coolant temperature sensor would help.Suggested that to my boyfriend and he said he cleaned it,well what about replacing it Somebody help me please I dont have alot of money and I cant keep having him playing guessing games..[email protected] email me with suggestions..
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When does it stall,,, at what speed,,, how often,,,does it stumble then die or just die suddenly,,, is engine light on,,, more details please.

Did you replace the plugs?
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test coolant temp sensor

I had a 89 Chevrolet that had a bad coolant temp sensor it would barley run and it ran real rich with lots of black smoke.
There is a test you can do on the sensor with a VOM it has to have so much resistance at a certian temp.(Mine Failed).I dont know were you can find the info I got mine from the factory service manual.
Maybe a GM tech can look up that procedure for you.I dont think it would be in any chiltons.
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From what you wrote it sounds like the fuel filter hasnot been changed.

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