89 Ford F150 4X4 starting problems


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Question 89 Ford F150 4X4 starting problems

My truck has been sitting for a year. I have replaced low pressure pump in tank (and new gasoline). It seems to be pumping fuel, but not reaching the chamber. It is an EFI 300 six cylinder. The engine turns over, but will not start (has new battery). What do you suggest I try next?

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Check for spark at the spark plugs

Check for fuel

Was the '89 300 EFI a Central Fuel Injection?
Looks kinda like a carb set up?
There's one or two big injectors inside that you can tell visually if they are squirting

If it was Multi-Port Injection, then you should have a schrader valve on the fuel rail to hook up a fuel pressure gauge
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Thanks for the reply. I do not have a schrader valve. The EFI is Central Fuel Injection, but when I open it up I do not see anything squirting. How do I correct this problem?
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The 300 six only had multi port injection. Is the high pressure pump on the frame rail running when you crank it? There is a pressure port on the fuel rail towards the back of the engine that you gould check pressure with.Also sitting for a year the injectors could be varnished and stuck shut. To clean the injectors without it running you will need to use a professional type setup that connects to the schrader port with a pressurized can of cleaner and let it sit overnight. Dont forget to pinch off the return hose.
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Since I am new to this, where do I find the schrader port that you are referring to? The high pressure pump on the fuel rail is running when I crank the engine. Where do I locate the schrader port?
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passenger side of engine at edge of valve cover around the #5 cylinder. Look for the fuel rail running the along this edge with the injectors connected to it.
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Thanks, Comptech! I will try your suggestion.
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