Diesel vs gas


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Diesel vs gas

I am now in the beginning stages of purchasing a motorhome 30/35 ft.
I live in NYC, have land in Arizona and spend 5/6 months a year in Mexico.
I will park the motorhome in Arizon for 6 months a year with no starts or maintainance. I will drive about 1600 miles to my destination in Mexico where I can regularly start the motorhome. It will not get much exercize. I drive my car from NY to Arizona.

Anyone have any thoughts about gas verses diesel for my situation. Thanks
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If diesel, check your driving route to make sure diesel fuel is sold along the way.
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diesel vs gas

I would buy the diesel.
Better mileage and is readly available everywhere.
I have several farm tractors that sit for months
without being started. Have seen no problem with them
sitting in shop over the winter without running.
I drive a Dodge Cummins and have always found fuel
when on the road.
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Currently, diesel fuel is more expensive than unleaded gas in a lot of the country. No signs of it coming back down in price either.

Weigh the cost difference between the deisel rig and the gas rig, and then decide if the cost difference is worth the fuel mileage savings with a diesel.

At 10-12 cents MORE per gallon for the diesel fuel--it better get significantly better fuel milage than the gas engine.

The diesel is more expensive to maintain as well. Twice the oil for each oil change. Expensive fuel filters. 2 or more batteries. It's also going to cost you a lot more up front just to purchase the diesel rig.

I'm not advocating one over the other--just giving you something to consider.
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true a diesel is more expensive but diesal engines hold up for a lot longer then most gasoline engines. So how long you plan to have the motor home would be a factor in deciding what to get.
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If costs are relatively the same I could care less, same goes for the cost of diesel vs gas, the thing that concerns me mos is what will be easier to maintain after sitting 6 months. I will only drive said vehicle about 3500 miles per year. I will drive it mostly in Mexico where diesel is still cheaper than gas. On another note I know nada about diesel and am reasonably decent with gas. I hope to keep the rig 10 years or so. I will have no problem getting either gas or diesel.

I am looking to buy used in the 20/30k range and will give either vehicle a thorough servicing before my first trip so a couple hundred dollars either way will make no difference in my life. I am looking mostly at what time will be saved with either rig.
Thanks for the help and I'm still a little confused. I know where I'm at in Arizona my present gas rig is hard to start after sitting for 6 months. I use gas stabilizer in the van and store with a topped off tank but the gas perculates in the heat.

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