Transmission question?


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Transmission question?

I just bought a 96 Z71 1/2 ton with a 6.5 ltr diesel and the 4L80E transmission. My question is the tranny is shot and needs rebuilt or replaced, would it be possible to use a 4L60E intstead? They are easier to find and much cheaper. Keep in mind I'm not going to use this truck for major hauling. The chevy dealer says no but he just so happens to have a 4L80E on hand to sell me for $2700!! I only paid $3400 for the truck so $2700 is way more than I want to put into the tranny!
It seems to be stuck in 2nd any chance I may get by with changing shift solenoids? I don't really know jack about trannies so any advice I can get is greatly appreciated.

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has it been diagnosed?

who knows whether solenoids will fix it unless it's been properly diagnosed. you won't get a 4L60 to work in that truck...the electronics are different in a diesel. have you tried finding a used 4L80? i know they are expensive, but they are very dependable. i'd get a sure diagnosis with plenty of detail...preferably some junk from the pan would be good. perhaps it just needs a speed sensor.

BTW...2nd gear is the default for that trans...if the PCM can't control goes into 2nd...if the fuse goes into 2nd. get it checked
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Thanks for the info! A friend of mine mentioned that he knew of a couple of trannies that would default to 2nd but he 'd never worked on one of these.
I have been skeptical about driving it to have the diagnostics run on it however it should be fine as long as I don't let the RPM's get up too high right? Also will driving it get the tranny hot?

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