Odor from odor remover. MAJOR PROBLEM


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Odor from odor remover. MAJOR PROBLEM

My Chevy Prizm has recently had some must smell when running a/c. And where I am bad asthmatic and sensitive to must/mold/cleaning chemicals/perfumes, I went to a radiator shop.
They recommended I get a spray from auto store. Which I did.

It said spray, close car and run a/c for 5 minutes, then air out car for 1-2 hours and smells would be gone.

Hours later, the car still reeked of this aa/c odor cleaner. I was told to keep running the a/c, so I did for 12 hours. (That's right!! - between 2 days.)

Now, the ac still reeks of this chemical when run and the car's fabric reeks of this chemical.
Even the radiator guy smelled it and was astounded how bad and strong the smell was days later (with all windows and moonroof open.

It is almost a week and I cannot still use ac and the car fabric still reeks after spraying it with vinegar,and using Arm and Hammer and then vacuuming it.

WHAT CAN I DO? I cannot use the car. The company for the spray said things sound the way it should be??? And it could take weeks to go away.

Any ideas? Both to get rid of smell of this chemical in the ac and vents and to get it out of the fabric.

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It's hard to tell, since we all have different tolerances to odors, but I had to use vinegar in my old truck before I finally got rid of the undesirable odors. It took about a week of removing things - like the carpet and underlayment, seat covers, items behind the seat, etc., but the vinegar did the trick. I hate the smell of vinegar, but it disspates after awhile.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks! I'll try it.

Anyone else with ideas?

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Wow. Fabreeze makes AUTO spray now that smells quite good but if your really sensative you can always stop using your A/C and make an allergy free fabreeze.. Scent free mix 2 TBS of baking soda to 3 cups of water and spray the car. Baking soda takes oders out of anything and u probably wont find it irritating because its such a natural product.

You might also want to clean out your air vents and replace your A/C freon.
You cant change the A/C your self but if you know a friend of a friend who can get the stuff from a mechanic like I do you can have him to it for you. Dont do it ur self u can freeze your fingers right off.

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