surging v6 when stopped with foot on brake


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surging v6 when stopped with foot on brake

a friend has a 1995 v6, 3.1 that surges (rpms increase/decrease) when you are stopped w/ foot on brake. Car has 54,000 miles on it. Any insights as to what might be the problem?
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Re: surging v6 when stopped with foot on brake


Assuming that this condition exists only when the brakes are applied, it sounds like a faulty power brake booster leaking vacuum internally. If this condition is accompanied by a "hiss" heard from the area of the dashboard, this would further support the likelihood of a bad booster.

You can also test this by having somebody pinch off the hose going to the booster under the hood while an assistant sits in the car with their foot on the brake reproducing the condition. If the engine stabilizes upon pinching off the hose, you have found your problem.


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