compressor starting and stopping


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Air compressor starting and stopping

1996 Blazer 2 door

The air was not as cool. Added a can of Freon and an oil change. The compressor keeps starting an stopping. Is it possible to put in to much Freon? Or is the compressor on its way out? Help. Bled off some of the Freon and the compressor is staying on longer.

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You should get a pressure gauge so you won't need to guess on the refrigerant charge.

How is the airflow to the front of the vehicle? Do you have a bug-screen or bra on the vehicle? Is the a/c condenser (in front of the radiator) clogged up with debris? How is your cooling fan clutch? Does it have an electric cooling fan, and if so is it working?

Good thing this is a 1996, and it should have a high-pressure cutout switch in the system. If you had overcharged as much as you need to to activate the cutout switch on an old r-12 system you'd find out it's too full when the safety valve blew everything out of your system.


Most places that sell refrigerant will at least sell a cheap-o gauge for the low side. You should get one and use it. Also, make sure you have good airflow over the condenser, it is absolutely critical for a/c performance.

A quick test for poor airflow over the condenser causing your trouble is to douse the condenser with cold hose-water. If that restores your a/c then you have a problem with heat exchange (lack of it) at the condenser.
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Compressor starting and stopping

I think there was to much freon in the system. That is why the compressor was starting and stopping. Once I bled off some of the freon the compressor was not stopping and the air in the Blazer was cool again. The temp outside the vehicle was 86 degrees. I purchased a gauge that now shows the level as 65, which is supposed to represent full. I think we are all set.
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If your low side is reading 65, it is not fixed. 65 lbs of pressure equates to 65 degrees of cooling at the evap. @ 86 degrees you want your high side to be approx 215 and your low side 24-35 (28-40 degrees at the evap.)
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compressor starting and stopping

Will check both high and low side again. Thanks.
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compressor starting and stopping

Checked the low side of the A/C after doing an errand this morning. The gauge only fits the low side and the reading was 24. Did it in the shade and it was only 65 when we went out. A/C working fine.

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