Took 3-5 Seconds to Get Reverse Gear Engaged


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Took 3-5 Seconds to Get Reverse Gear Engaged

1990 Honda Accord LX 4 Doors Automatic Transmission, 156,800 miles. It tooks about 3-5 seconds to get reverse gear engaged from parking/drive gear. This has happened since about 1-2 years back. Does anyone know what is the problem of the car? Thanks in advance!
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This kind of problem implies that a clutch or band used in reverse is slow to engage. Some possibilities are - there is a sticking shift valve, a cut or damaged seal in the piston/servo used in reverse or the line pressure is low due to a fault in the line pressure regulation.

You can try a suitable additive to see if this helps - it may help free a sticking shift valve. You can also have a line pressure test done. If it is low you may have problems with the line pressure regulation in reverse. The remaining tests will most probably require the removal of the tranny for inspection.

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