96 Dodge Dakota - Oil Pump


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96 Dodge Dakota - Oil Pump

Today while returning from picking my camper up, I noticed my oil pressure guage was reading low. When I arrived in my driveway and came to a stop, I noticed the guage fell to nearly zero and the light came on. As long as the engine was reved I had at least some oil pressure, and upon checking the dipstick, found the oil level to be in the acceptable range.

My questions:

1. Is it possible for an oil pump to be partially or going bad?

2. Where is the oil pump? A friend stated he believe it was inside the engine.

3. Is there a place on the internet where a person can find a detailed description of how to repair this oil pump.

In the days when I was employed, I would have gladly taken this repair to the shop, but being unemployed right now, it just as wise for me to get my hands dirty, as pay for someone else if I can do it myself.

Thanks in Advance,

- Vaughn

To append to yesterday's post, I'd also like to state the outside temperature on the truck-o-meter was only 93, but the engine temperature was nearly 3/4 through it's scale. As stated earlier, I was pulling my (4000 lb) trailer.

This morning I started the motor, and low and behold the oil guage climbed to mid-point and stayed. I have not taken the vehicle out on a run just yet, but I have to wonder if the excessive heat of the engine and the oil pressure sensor could have caused a malfunction?

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Yes it is possible to have an oil pump get weak, and not produce enough pressure at idle. The pump is located on the bottom of the engine, inside the oil pan. What is more likely to be happening, is the sending unit that "controls" the gauge is going bad. I'd pick 1 up, and a mechanical pressure gauge (I hear autozone rents stuff like this, cheaply..) remove the oil pressure sender, screw in the pressure gauge, and watch live oil pressure.
If the oil pressure is correct for your truck, then most likely it is the sender..When you unhook the pressure gauge, install the new sender..It's a whole lot easier to do, a whole lot cheaper and beats guessing as to what the problem is..

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