Chevy a/c blower problem


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Question Chevy a/c blower problem

I have a 1994 chevy silverado ext. cab. with possible several problems. a/c blower motor doesn't work on low speed, however it does work on med, med high, and high. Everytime I start the truck or shut it off there's a loud Clicking noise coming from the recirculating vent near blower (like screwdriver tapping on plastic) Lasts about 1 minute then stops. could this be blower relay? blower going bad? -------------------------------- Have also noticed when a/c is on I have an alternator drain. I installed new battery, new alternator, On a recent trip to S.C. (with a/c on) truck engine died after driving 200 miles. let it sit for 1 hour started up perfectly! drove with a/c on another 50 miles died again. sat 20 minutes started up perfectly again. drove home with windows open (no a/c) 200 miles and no problems. Truck works fine without a/c on, City driving with a/c on = seems like transmission won't shift right after its been on for awhile. High rpms before shifting to next gear. with a/c off truck runs fine. Must be an electrical problem some place. Had mechanic check it out, sold me another new alternator, Still has same problems as before. (wasted money) If anyone has any answers I sure would appreciate your help on my problems. Thank you for any responses and your time. Also before I bought this truck the previous owner said the heater core was replaced, I know that job includes taking the blower and part of the a/c system apart, maybe they messed it up then ???? signed the Back yard mechanic

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You have at least 3 problems. The blower problems sound uncommon to me. Can't help there. The other problems should be listed in separate threads for each problem to collect better symptoms and history. No promises, just my opinion.
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Blower problem sounds like it may be a broken fin on the squirrel cage (or something contacting it that shouldn't be). Only way to find out is remove it.
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chevy blower problem Not!

The blower checked out ok it was a resistor that stopped the blower in low speed... The ticking noise was the Half gears on a small elec motor that operates the recycling air vent that were somehow not aligned.. truck stalling ? have to take it in for short test, mechanic (electrical) says short in system. :mask: backyard mech.

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