Something Draining My Battery...


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Bubba Bob
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Something Draining My Battery...

Ok, ive been having some car trouble lately. NO ONE seems to know what the hell is going on. Maybe some of ya'll could help?

Heres the deal:

A couple months ago my key got stuck in the ignition. So, a lock smoth drilled the ignition out and replaced worn washers in it.

Since then they damn car beeps when i open the door. (like when the key is in, but its not) I called the locksmith back and they said not to worry.

A couple weeks later, the car has trouble starting. Its seems like the battery was weak or something because the car wouldnt start with the A/C on, and cranked REAL weak. So, i took it to auto zone, and they said the alt. and battery were both fine.

So, i took it to my mechanic to have the plugs and wires changed (it idled rough) and he said he thought th serp. belt was slipping too much. So, he changed that also.

The car did fine for a little while, untill one morning i get up and the damn thing is DEAD! COMPLEtely DEAD! So dead a battery charger wont start it. Thankfully my neighboor jumps me.

Now, sometimes i can leave it over night, and it starts right up, while other times i leave it for an hour and BAM! Its dead.

Any thoughts on what is draining that battery?

OH! It's a 95 Ford Escort
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Suspect ignition switch, not key lock. Question; when you remove the key with the radio 'switched on', does the radio panel light up? Meaning, do you have to switch the radio off when your leave the car?

Maybe a faulty ignition switch is 'sometimes' in the accessory position when you remove the key.
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Bubba Bob
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No, the radio doesnt stay on. The ONLY side effect is this dinging.

I think ill take it back to the locksmith on monday though. IM jsut not sure what could be pulling enough current to kill the battery...
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Bubba Bob
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The lock smith, dealership, and small garage all scratched their heads.
The garage installed a new batt. terminal connector.

So, ill know in a fews days if that was it. If it dies again ill pick up a test light.

Im thinking it might be the starter + bad batt. connector.

Thanks for the suggestions

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