94 Cavalier Wagon front end...


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Question 94 Cavalier Wagon front end...

Hey there,
Just looking for some advice/confirmation on my issue before I take it to a shop... 94 Cavalier wagon 4 cyl, 198K... pulls pretty hard to the right, clunking noise(usually 3-4 clunks) when entering and exiting a right hand turn and to a lesser degree on acceleration, this is also accompanied by a shimmy in the steering wheel. Both front tires show a little more wear on outside than inside edge (left tire slightly more so than right).
I/m also wondering if anyone knows where I can find/download owner manual for this vehicle?
Thanx for your time and ideas

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C/V or ball joints? Or something else altogether...what do you think?
I'm plannin on gettin an alignment but thought it may be something else causing the prob soo...thought I'd turn to here for help cause I know houses more than I know cars ;~)
Thanx again
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You have two problems.

One- Sounds like your right cv joint is bad. This is uncommon, but it happens and your symptoms fit like a glove.

Two- Your front end needs alignment to correct the tire wear problem.

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Thx Lugnut,
That's the way I was leaning only I wasn't sure if that sounded like ball joint or CV joint, not familiar enuff.
Do you (anybody) know 'ballpark' what that might run?
And also, what do you think about switching front tires to rear and getting alignment?
Again, I'm just trying to be as prepared as I can when to talk to the mechanic.
Thx again

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