HELP! Brakes lock up.


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HELP! Brakes lock up.

I have a 1997 Ford Ranger. I live in Texas and the truck sits in the sun all day at temps near 100 while I work. I left work at around 4 o'clock and drove no more than five miles. When I applied the brakes, they locked up! Driving at 70 mph and having the brakes lock up causing me to lose control of the truck was too much. Does anyone have any idea why my brakes would lock up? A couple of days early - my brakes were smoking so I pulled over and found I was low on brake fluid. The brakes have not locked up since this one incident but I am nervous whenever I apply the brakes now. I did check the brake fluid after they locked up and it was still full after adding fluid a few days easlier. Thanks for any help.
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Very important missing fact,, which brakes lock up? The rear or front? The rear brakes will always lock up when the rear seals are leaking. Easy repair and easy to spot. Look for fluid trail inside brake drums.

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