Help: 1989 ford thunderbird, accel problem


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Question Help: 1989 ford thunderbird, accel problem

1989 Ford Thunderbird, v6, rear wheel dr, automatic.

The car keeps trying to accel to 45/50mph in (d)rive & in park, neutral etc.
When I start the car it automatically accelerates without giving any gas in any gear. I barely got it home driving. Not sure if this has something to do with the Cruise Control or what I can disconnect etc?

Also how safe is this for the car if I try driving it to a repair garage without burning something out, since I have to go in Reverse to get out of the garage then drive to get there?

Appreciate the info on whats wrong and cost to fix if avail?
Since im a novice car guy...
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Have you tried having someone look at the throttle while it's idling? That would rule out the throttle mysteriously opening.

Besides that, I suspect a vacuum leak somewhere.

It would also help to clean the idle air control motor.

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