Airbag codes


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Airbag codes

I have a 1999 Ford van that I rebuilt. It had some front end damage. I have it all back together but am getting a code 46 on the airbag light. I am unable to find out what this code is. Does anybody know what the code is or where to find the codes for this system?
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I did a "google search". Hope this points you in the right direction:

Air Bag Fault Code Table
Priority Code Component/Fault Description
Highest -- No Air Bag Lamp - Inoperative Lamp Circuit or No Ignition Voltage to Diagnostic Monitor
| -- Continuous Air Bag Lamp - Diagnostic Monitor Disconnected or Inoperative
| 12 Low Battery Voltage
| 13 Air Bag Circuit or Crash Sensor Circuit - Shorted to Ground
| 21 Safing Sensor - Not Mounted on Vehicle Properly
| 22 Safing Sensor Output Circuit - Shorted to Battery Voltage
| 23 Safing Sensor Input Feed/Return Circuit Open
| 24 Open in Circuit 944B or Low Resistance in Crash Sensor(s)
| 32 Driver Side Air Bag/Safing Sensor Circuit - High Resistance or Open
| 33 Pin 7 Not Grounded at Diagnostic Monitor
| 34 Driver Side Air Bag/Safing Sensor Circuit - Low Resistance or Shorted
| 35 Low Resistance Across Pins 8 and 9 at Diagnostic Monitor
| 41 Crash Sensor Circuit - High Resistance or Open
| 44 RH Crash Sensor - Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly
| 45 Center Radiator Crash Sensor - Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly
| 46 LH Crash Sensor - Not Mounted to Vehicle Properly
| 51 Diagnostic Monitor Internal Thermal Fuse - Blown and Short to Ground No Longer Exists
| 52 Backup Power Supply - Voltage Boost Fault
| 53 Internal Diagnostic Monitor Fault
Lowest -- Rapid Continuous Flashing of Air Bag Lamp - All Crash Sensors Disconnected

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