1994 Mercury Sable, Fuel Injector Problem?


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1994 Mercury Sable, Fuel Injector Problem?

I recently got a 1994 Mercury Sable.

It has a problem that I think is a fuel injector problem, but being car-iliterate I wanted to describe the problem and see what you guys think.

The car starts and at runs fairly well at speeds above 5mph, but when the car stops and is idling, (While in Drive) when I push on the gas, the car will act almost as if it is in Neutral. The RPM Meter will Rev Up, but the car will not go forward (exactly as if it was in Neutral ), the car will suddenly "catch" and will jerk Forward and will Engage into motion. This happens only when the car stops. It has gotten so bad that sometimes the car will actually shut off.

When I try to restart the car (after it has shut off), it starts kind of rough...and when I give it gas to rev it up, it Always Shuts off again.

I was thinking that this problem had something to do with the Fuel injectors or Fuel Filter....But I know very little about cars....that is just a guess.

There has been nothing done to the car yet. I have very little money at this point, so I am going to try to either fix it myself or have a friend (who knows a bit more about cars than I do), fix it for me. I can't afford to bring it into the shop.

Any thoughts or Suggestions would be Appreciated....
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Check the transmission fluid level.
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Originally Posted by Kestas
Check the transmission fluid level.
That was my first though also
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Ok, I checked the Transmission Fluid level and it is full.

Any other ideas?
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Time for a tranny rebuild, or possibly the torque converter lock up switch is going
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One last thing you can do, that my work. Go to a 10 min oil change and get a transmission flush. You can change the filter your self by buying a kit. The flush replaces all the tranny fluid, and i have seen it take care of a lot of problems on transmissions that i thought were doomed.

It should cost about around $80-90

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