RABS 91 Explorer


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RABS 91 Explorer

Yellow light rear antilock brake and red Brake light on after vehicle start up, the lights come on at start and then go off then as soon as the brake pedal is depressed they both come on and stay on untill the switch is cycled. Earlier model explorers like this 91 had rear only antilock brake systems I was wondering if anyone else had been thru this problem I am considering replacing the axle speed sensors if they are not real expensive. So far I have checked all fuses/Brake fluid reservoir level/wiring connections at all connections that I can find. There appears to be according to the haynes manual two other main parts besdies the speed sensors the electronic RABS miodule and the Hydraulic module thiose both would probably be fairly expensive. I may just run it by a dealer and see if they can plug it up and tell me which part is giving me trouble you would think that a onboard diagnostic system would be worth something LOL
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Re: RABS 91 Explorer


The best and cheapest thing you could try is to run the vehicle by your closest AutoZone who I believe will scan the computer for free. Once you have the code if any are present, you will have an idea regarding where to start looking. If they have a scanner that will allow you to view ABS data, look at the wheel sensor parameters and make sure that they are all reading the same. This should help you narrow down or pinpoint the issue.

You could even try using an ohm meter on each wheel sensor to see if they all read the same or if any of them are even open. Check for damaged wiring at the same time.

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start by checking brake fluid if low fill and check for leaks.
you can read codes by grounding the orange/black single wire connector under the driver side dash and counting the abs light flashes.
cant remeber if your model has a keep alive memory, if it does it will have a battery feed wire connected to the orange/ black single wire connector that you will have to disconnect before grounding the connector, but you must turn the key on before disconnecting or you will clear any code stored in memory.
if it doesnt have keep alive memory there will be nothing connected to the abs orange/black test connector and you will have to start engine and get the abs light to come on solid and then check for codes while the engine is still running, once the key is turned to the off position the code will be cleared.

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