Rochester E2SE Carb - fuel intake pressure


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Rochester E2SE Carb - fuel intake pressure

I was trying to read the forum, and limit the read to carburetors, specifically Rochester E2SE, but no luck as yet - new user.

I am trying to determine what the fuel pressure limit is for the fuel intake - immediately preceding the fuel filter mounted on the carburetor body.

Thanks. mhregan
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If there is a fuel pressure problem check the fuel pump. What year is the vehicle? Older systems are very basic.
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It has a replacement made by Facet. That replaced a previous Facet pump. THAT pump replaced the electric pump which came with the vehicle when purchased used. The original mechanical pump, with it's own pressure regulator and check valve return, was removed sometime along the line of it's sorry existance.

In each case the pump makes a noise after driving for so long. The appearance of the noise, and when it stalls, varies according to distance and ambient temperature.

I could go on about the history (purchased, Jan '04., and so on)

But I need to know what the inlet pressure is so I can install the right-range regulator with check valve outlet to supply the EXISTING return line. Also plan to install a filter pre-position of the fuel pump itself. INLET PRESSURE???
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will try to answer your question in general although I dont know much about the carb in use.
most carbs can handle a fuel pressure of about 10 psi max anymore will likely cause flooding suggest you try to regulate the pressure between 5-7 psi most mechanical pumps will run between 3-7 psi fuel pressure and they will fluctuate quite abit due to rpm, electric pumps should maintain a steady pressure.
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First, apologies to "jeffstevens".

Yorresponse, "bejay", helps somewhat - the problem, as I determine it, is that the pump is outputing in excess of the inlet valve pressure. Hence it acts akin to a vapor lock, overheating the pump - the first Facet installed in Dec '04 (replacing the existing electric pump which was flooding the carb, and even managed to add gas to the oil sump (!!)) burned out in Jan '05 (delaying a trip to Madison,WI, where my brother was to get his eye operated on - sorry about your loss of vision, sir).

The replacement, a heavied up Facet pump, still 'acts up' - hence the idea of a regulator with check/drain for the overpressure.

Look at it this way people - after three tows, 2 @ $270+, one at $60; two pumps @ $170+, one mechanic who didn't even recognize the emissions / vacuum lines were misrouted, my brother's eyesight, plus other goodies on the elec sys, a carb rebuild (by the guy who didn't rec the vac lines) I have to get a handle on this!

Before I went off in my first reply, for which I apologize, as my brother told me, the year, make, vin num, and carb num may help someone id the answer to my question, the facts are:

- 1985 Chevy Blazer 4x4
-vin num is "1C8CT18B7F0165367"
-carb num is "17085360"

this does not mean it is not a cobbled kazoo - pull engine from bod, put in another, and whoa, let's add another carb to make it realy interesting, and sell it to some schmuck- but those are the figures.

What I can say is the cow has a return line - suggesting (assumption!!) that the mechanical pump (yes, I found where it HAD been mounted) had a pressure regulator/return. Sorry, "jeffstevens" that I blew up back there - this is just so fustrating.

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