My Mercury Sable will not go when I press on Gas?


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My Mercury Sable will not go when I press on Gas?

My 1999 Mercury Sable started making a "whirring / squealing" sound when I accelerated, but not always. Usually when I reached a desired speed it stopped. My check engine soon light had come on a couple of months before this happened. I had a total of three computer dianostic tests ran, and every single one was the same. No problems other than maybe a leaking gas cap, however I was told if it already passed emissions, which it had, then not to worry. Every time I tried to let a mechanic hear this sound, of course it would not occur. Every time they hooked it up to the computer to check the codes it always made the engine light go off and stay off until I filled up on gas again. I just started my car and drove about two blocks and the whirring / squealing noise was louder and constant and then all of the sudden my car just stopped going while I was driving. The car did not die, and everything else works fine, but the car will not go. When I press on the gas it just revs, when I don't press on the gas the car idles a little high (between the 2 and 3 on the RPM's guage). The only visible belt I can see is fine, the one that kind of wraps around several pulley like things. Is this going to cost me a fortune to fix? Every time I have went to a garage, because I am an idiot when it comes to mechanical things, I am always taken advantage of. I would like to have some kind of idea what the problem could be before I went to a garage so that I would seem somewhat car smart. An idea of cost would also help. Each time that I had this test ran, I was told that if it were anything major like the engine or transmission, it would show a code and if nothing were coming up then it was not serious. Thank you in advance for any and all help with this,
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Take it to a good transmission shop, Anne, and get ready for a sizable bill. Sables and Tauruses are famous (infamous) for transmission failures. The tranny in my Dad's old Sable ('93) failed with less than 40,000 miles on the odometer. Surprised none of the mechanics who've looked at it didn't suspect that. You could be looking at $1500-2000 if the tranny is toast. If the estimate is more than that, find another tranny shop. I've heard of people paying upward of $3000 on these for repairs, but that is WAY over the average cost.

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