Need some ABS advice -HELP!!!!


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Need some ABS advice -HELP!!!!

In another thread I posted-
My problem is with a 1997 AWD Mercury Mountaineer automatic, 8 cyl. Some time ago I hydroplaned on ice and felt the ABS engage( first time I ever felt it) since then every time I brake at a slow speed it will engage( it doesn't happen when slowing for example on the highway) . The ABS light is NOT on, and I"ve had it hooked to the computer at Auto Zone but nothing showed as being wrong. It almost seems it needs to be reset from the initial time it went off. If anything was wrong with any of the sensors, I think the ABS would light up on the dash.(?) Any information would be appreciated.

We took off the rotors and cleaned the two front sensors- there is a slight difference in the engaging of the abs.It now engages when I am closer to a complete stop than before. Does anyone know how to check voltage on a sensor? We ran out of time but intend on also cleaning the rear sensor.
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sensors fail quite often and do not always cause the abs light to come on if its working part of the time. suggest you see a shop for diagnossis, there is no accurate way of checking the sensors unless you have a scan tool capable of reading abs data.
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Hey TonyM this is grhow,read the thread ABS PROBLEM 01 SILVERADO "FEED BACK" My truck did the same thing and I was told to do the same thing you are being told to do. Guess what solved my problem? I just started working the brakes harder.

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