00 Avalon rough starting


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00 Avalon rough starting

Hi, I've got a 00 Avalon, 60Kmiles that has intermittent rough starting after cold starts only. Warm start seems to be ok.

The engine will crank fine, but as soon as it kicks over, it'll sometimes hesitate, sputter and sometimes die; other times, it'll start and run perfectly ok. Gassing it will sometimes get it out of that mode. Seems to happen most when it's hot outside or it maybe has some ambient temperature dependency... No check engine lights.

The IAC appears to be clean, there's no EGR valve supposedly starting on the 00 model year. I can't find the PCV--it just looks like a plain tube that runs to some box in the intake path before the throttle. Rubber intake plumbing appears to be crack/leak free.

It has new sparkplugs and air filter. Gas filter is still the original, although the car runs and idles perfectly fine and smooth once it gets going--there's no misfiring. I doubt it's a fuel delivery problem, but any possibility the fuel pressure regulator isn't keeping the system pressurized overnight?

Any suggestions on what else to check?
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I have a post up for kinda the same problem when it runs rough is the A/C on?My Toyota runs rough with the A/C on.

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